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The industrial washing and grinding industry is characterized by a very large amount of wastewater (about 50-300 m3/ton of fabric), and a very complex pollutant content such as dyes, surfactants, and electrolytes. glass, lozenges, media, starch, yeast, oxidants, etc. and hundreds of dissolved chemicals and heavy metals.

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Therefore, operating the laundry and industrial laundry wastewater treatment system (System) is not simple and easy, with many years of experience in wastewater treatment, especially in laundry, ARES Environment has identify 03 most important stages to bring efficiency to the System.

Firstly, coloration is always the leading pollutant representative in textile dyeing and washing wastewater, this criterion is decisive to the quality of treated wastewater of any industrial washing system. For effective control and treatment of color, it is important to filter out solid impurities (cotton, wool, synthetic fibers, etc.) and suspended solids in incoming wastewater, which will facilitate Ideal for decolorization, and other contaminants, reducing the pressure on the processing stages behind the System.

Second,  for every 1m3 of laundry wastewater, 0.4-0.7 kg of sludge is generated, this waste belongs to a hazardous group that must be properly collected, transferred to a functional unit for treatment, and If there is no optimal treatment solution, the sludge will be costly, and cause loss of beauty in the factory area. Reducing the volume of sludge generated through the treatment tank, specialized sludge pressing equipment with high compression ratio, and converting sludge from hazardous waste into ordinary industrial waste are simple sludge treatment solutions. but extremely cost effective.

Finally, reuse of wastewater after treatment is an additional step after the System with the aim of treating wastewater into clean water according to supply water standards to provide for production. Circulating water after treatment is a huge advantage, helping the plant to be proactive in the source of clean water, saving the cost of buying water from the water department, or the cost of investing and operating the supply water treatment system, while minimizing the risk of discharge.

Businesses wishing to find advice on wastewater treatment, please fill in the information   REGISTER FOR FREE CONSULTATION   or   CONTACT HOTLINE: 0909 939 108.

With his knowledge and many years of experience. ARES Environment is ready to help you in inspecting, evaluating, consulting and guiding the repair, operation, installation, construction and maintenance of wastewater treatment systems. As well as  ARES Environment, consultation and guidance on environmental procedures and documents are completely free.

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