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I have been working from home since the 4th Covid outbreak until now, it has been more than 30 days. This time allowed me to think more about myself & the business, I discovered many interesting things. Although there are few new things, it is enough for me to solve many problems for myself and for ARES company. This afternoon, I decided to boldly send 1 to 2 short emails a week to the brothers and sisters I used to know to share difficulties and motivate each other to overcome this challenging time.

Today, July 4, 2021, the whole country is struggling against the epidemic and people and businesses in Ho Chi Minh City are facing many difficulties. The situation is volatile, complex and unpredictable, so we need to prioritize on a few things that really matter. At ARES we have been & are doing:

  1. Overcoming fear: building a specific response scenario, creating at least 2 separate workplaces, creating a core team to work in a safe place, non-duplicating leaders appearing in one place, implementing sanctions strong enough for compliance with epidemic prevention; corporate culture communication, spreading positive culture.
  2. Strong cash flow management: planning cost and revenue scenarios to quickly respond to each situation; maximum spending savings; focus on products & services with high liquidity; create support cash flow if the epidemic lasts.
  3. Transforming the marketing & sales system: approaching customers through non-traditional channels, restructuring the effective marketing system towards 4.0, closing sales to reduce touch points with customers. It is also an opportunity to reengineer customer-driven processes.

I hope the above 3 content gives you some suitable ideas. We still have a lot to do, which I will continue to share in the following email.

ARES team looks forward to sending you positive energy and peace during the pandemic.

Bui Thanh Phap

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