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4 letters ARES

By August 25, 2021September 23rd, 2021No Comments

ARES Environmental Solutions Joint Stock Company with more than 17 years of establishment and operation in the field of environmental protection, it is a long way with many challenges and constant changes according to the times of society, economy, and environment.

In the past, present and future, ARES’ activities have always been based on the foundation: “Stay Mindfulness to Save the Planet”, that is Living mindfully, or closely expressing it is to keep the action (Body). ), Words (Speech), and Thoughts (Intentions) of each person are always in the present moment, evolving from awareness to action in protecting the environment.

With its mission to contribute to the protection of the environment through practicing and spreading an ethical, responsible & mindful lifestyle. ARES always practices and spreads a conscious lifestyle to protect the environment to the community through core values:

  • A – Aspiration.
  • R – Responsibility.
  • E – Ethics.
  • S – Serve.


ARES team always has the desire to commit to the growth of spirit and awareness towards the dedication to environmental protection and the sustainable development of the business.


The ARES team is always aware of their obligations and strives to fulfill their obligations; Accept failure, and always accept responsibility first, and accept lessons to grow; ARES team is responsible for the family, organization and community, and especially the mission to protect environment.


The ARES team always cultivates compassion and practices mindful living in every moment to keep thinking and acting kind and loving.


The ARES team always chooses to succeed with others and serve the interests of the community; Doing business by serving society and community.

For ARES, service is to lead, bring meaningful values of environmental protection to its customers, and to the community.

Over time, things may change, but the foundation and core values will always exist according to the existence of ARES, these are the guidelines that guide ARES on all development paths, helping ARES build unique culture and distinctive brand in the market, as well as in the eyes of the community.

ARES Environmental Solution JSC

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