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Entech Vietnam International Exhibition 2019

By August 26, 2021No Comments

On June 12-14, attending the International Expo on Environmental Technology, Energy and Ecological Products Entech 2019, ARES Environmental Solutions Joint Stock Company brought two main product lines. from the Japanese brand is the Mitsubishi Cleansui water purifier and the New Biotank domestic wastewater treatment system.

Currently, ARES Environmental Solutions Joint Stock Company is the official distributor of these two product lines; in which, the Mitsubishi Cleansui water purifier uses hollow fiber membrane technology made of ultra-fine polyethylene material, extremely thin filter fibers, the inside is treated with high technology by rotating heating at high temperature and the process of stretching into fibers without the use of solvents; hollow fiber filter with very small perforated tubes, and water must flow through the wall of the tube through millions of small holes with a size of only 0.01 – 0.1 micrometers can instantly remove small crystals in water, thus, ensuring the safety of drinking water, providing super clean water for consumers.

New Biotank domestic wastewater treatment system is an effective domestic wastewater treatment solution at source in the current context, suitable for resorts, restaurants, hotels, especially areas. new urban population, where there is no need to invest in building a collection pipeline as well as a centralized domestic wastewater treatment station. The system uses technology from Japan, including anaerobic biological treatment, aerobic biology, sedimentation, filtration, and sterilization processes, all integrated in one module, making it easy to transport and install. system on site. The system can provide water after treatment that meets column A, Vietnam’s national technical regulation on domestic wastewater QCVN 14:2008/BTNMT.

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At Entech Expo 2019, ARES Environmental Solutions Joint Stock Company officially signed a memorandum of understanding between the manufacturer, Okamura Vietnam Co., Ltd. and the product co-distributor. Environmental Engineering and Consulting Center, under the Vietnam Environment Administration. The ceremony marked a milestone of cooperation between the three companies, which is the foundation to bring New Biotank products closer to the Vietnamese market, contributing to environmental protection.

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Attending the exhibition, all three companies wanted to bring a useful product for the environment in Vietnam, introduced New Biotank products to customers. By working together, we strongly believe in the development of New Biotank in the Vietnamese market, and at the same time, bring a comprehensive domestic wastewater treatment solution in the current context.

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