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The Letter From The Earth

Author: Nguyen Hai Yen

In the past, more than 5 billion years ago, Earth was just a very small object in the middle of a vast galaxy. Have you ever wondered what “Earth” is?

I am not talking about an academic concept, but something greater than that. From a distance of 6 billion km, Professor Carl Sagan (1934-1996) – Astronomer, Astrophysicist – He saw the Earth appear as a small blue dot. It’s amazing that that little blue dot is our home, and that’s us. There, there are people we love, there are people we know, where animals are living and existing. Mankind has built a beautiful planet there, but sadly I must tell you that it is what we create today that will bring about the catastrophes that our children and grandchildren must be. who suffers if we just insist on strengthening the economy, even if the ecosystem is on the verge of destruction. Let’s look at the reality, when climate change is increasingly evident with a series of natural disasters and extreme phenomena appearing on this planet. We cannot continue to be indifferent!

“Stay Mindfulness to Save the Planet”

This is the message of ARES – the place where I am working, the place to nurture great aspirations in me. It can be roughly understood as “Stay awake in every moment of life to save the planet”. Right! The Earth, where the beautiful planet is, where our loving home is nurtured, needs to be protected from the kindness in the mind of each individual human being. Perhaps at this very moment, you do not feel the seriousness of what I say. Don’t smile, I will illustrate this problem from two aspects: ecological and social.

The current economy is consuming one-and-a-half times more resources than planet Earth’s renewable capacity, and that’s just an average estimate (Otto Shcharmer, 2017). Forests continue to be destroyed; Minerals are exploited indiscriminately; Land is eroded and degraded; Biodiversity on land and in the ocean are both seriously reduced; Surface water and groundwater sources are increasingly polluted and depleted; … The ecosystem is being eroded bit by bit, if we are not aware and change our economic thinking in time, natural disasters will surely come.

Looking at the social background, the population growth, the mass and uncontrollable free migration, the exhausting exploitation of terrestrial and aquatic biological resources, the lack of knowledge about protection nature of a part of people in society are the causes leading to depletion in the future.

So, what should we do when faced with this situation?

“Stay Mindfulness to Save the Planet” – Be really awake to see reality, what I demonstrate above is not for us to be pessimistic but to awaken compassion in each individual’s concept of working together to protect the planet. Awake from the little things right in your daily life, cultivate awareness in the right way, keep actions, words and thoughts always in the present moment. Every day we live must be the days when we make unremitting efforts and devote ourselves, bring our values to contribute to protecting the environment, protecting the little blue dot that contains our whole nest.

In order to do that, it is necessary to cooperate with a group with the same value system. With the ARES team, we choose to start a new day by meditating to observe every tiny touch, feeling that we are in the present moment and in harmony with nature. At the same time, a suitable core value system that always leads us to develop together is Aspiration – RESPONSIBILITY – Ethics – SERVICE. The A.R.E.S value system is always ingrained in my mind, guiding me step by step towards the perfection of body – speech – mind.

We carry within us the desire to dedicate ourselves to protecting the planet. Efforts to improve ourselves, bring accumulated experience and knowledge to take the lead in environmental protection.

We are aware of our obligations and wholeheartedly fulfill our obligations, accepting failures to become more mature. For me, “responsibility” is one of the key values, from simply keeping a promise, to strongly recognizing responsibility in advance and taking responsibility to grow up step by step.

We perceive reality with compassion, kindness and love. “Ethics” is the fundamental value in me, since immersing myself in ARES, being properly aware of environmental protection, I have considered planet Earth as a common home to cultivate ethical qualities. , adjust behavior so that it is suitable with social standards, comply with discipline, respect the interests of the community and bring the good culture of ARES to spread into society.

We are very proud to share and support the success of others, feel happy to be able to shoulder a part of the responsibility of protecting the environment for humanity, bringing solid spiritual values. together with the sustainable development of future generations.

In short, the core value system A.R.E.S combined with the message “Stay Mindfulness to Save the Planet” will be the driving force throughout for me to strive and dedicate. Every individual living on this planet has an impact on the two aspects that I have cited, Ecological and Social. So create good habits to promote positive impact. Don’t wait any longer, let’s practice and spread the mindful lifestyle in every moment.

Act now to protect our own home!

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