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Meditation – The ARES . Team’s Self-Leadership Method

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Meditation is an ancient method of meditation originating from India, this method gradually became popular and widely recognized around the world in the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century. From an outside perspective, meditation helps people improve their health conditions, but deep inside, the benefits of meditation are the balance of body and mind, freeing people’s suffering to have happiness. true happiness.

Meditation – New leadership trend in business

Today, every person often tries to work until death, many people even if they succeed, do not have true happiness, they spend their whole life searching for the values that they already have. They themselves do not live their own lives, and meditation is a method by which people understand themselves and realize their true worth.

The essence of meditation helps people to properly understand things happening as they are, without being affected by objective and subjective factors, from which people understand the true nature of their own mind, and understand the true nature of their mind. what’s happening around. This is extremely necessary for people in any environment, especially the working environment, where people easily lose themselves in pursuit of benefits.

Many large companies in the world such as Apple, Google, Nike… have realized the special role of meditation in corporate life. The most obvious example is that Apple under Steve Jobs allowed employees to spend 30 minutes a day to meditate at work, open teaching classes or have a gym for employees. It can be said that the culture of meditation is an opportunity for business owners to invest in the health of their employees, efficiency at work and exploit their potential.

In Vietnam, meditation is not only a habit and hobby of an individual, but it is incorporated into businesses as a culture, typically architect Vo Trong Nghia went to practice in Myanmar, and operated Vo Trong Nghia Architects from afar, the company’s employees all keep the precepts and meditate every day for 2 hours, 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon; FPT Corporation periodically organizes meditation courses for leaders and employees to strengthen office relationships, balance life, improve work productivity,….

Meditation for business people, the most needed is the arrangement between work and practice; meditators are easily attracted to work, neglect to practice or because of excessive meditation, ignore the work factor. Meditation is not a trend but a process, for this method to really bring about improvements in business life, business owners must first be meditation leaders, and employees must be are leaders themselves.

Meditation culture at ARESEN

Meditation was learned and started by the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director of ARES Environmental Solutions Joint Stock Company, Mr. Bui Thanh Phap, in 2014. He meditates at home and participates in meditation courses of the Center. Ucenlist, after a period of experience, realized that the miraculous benefits of meditation are consistent with the core values that ARESEN has always pursued and is really necessary for ARESEN’s staff.

In 2016, Director Bui Thanh Phap personally guided each staff member on meditation methods to create practice habits right at ARESEN’s office. After more than 04 years, now meditation is a culture maintained by each staff member to practice for 30 minutes every morning. In addition, ARESEN also develops its own policies on meditation to create conditions for each member to meditate: arranging shared meditation rooms, priority leave policy when participating in meditation courses, encouragement policy when participating in meditation courses. participate in regular meditation practice,…

At ARESEN every member is a leader – self-leader, by practicing mindfulness by meditating every day.

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