Cuu Long Seafood Wastewater Treatment System

Investor: Cuu Long Seafood Import-Export Joint Stock Company



Zone C – Sa Dec Industrial Park, Sa Dec town, Dong Thap province

Loại nước thải

Pangasius fillet wastewater


800m3/ day.night


Drains, garbage screens –> Collection –> Equalization –> DAF –> UAFB –> Aerobic –> Sedimentation –> Pressure filtration –> Disinfection –> Receiving source

Standard after treatment

QCVN 11:2008, column A



Project explanation

Garbage screen:  Recover shredded meat, head, fish bones present in the inlet stream.

Collection tank:   Collect all the wastewater on the channel leading to the treatment system.

Equalization tank: Stabilize flow, contaminant concentration, pH. Preliminary ventilation to avoid anaerobic decomposition causing odors.

Pressure flotation tank:  Separation of grease mixed in wastewater in two forms of “suspension and suspended sediment” by the DAF pneumatic method to float suspended particles to create surface grease. Surface degreasing by a degreaser reduces the contaminant concentration eligible for the biological treatment stage.

UAFB tank: uses anaerobic degrading microorganisms and substrates to create adhesion for microorganisms to work better, ensuring input parameters for the cluster of aerobic biological treatment tanks in the rear. after working efficiently and the output water quality is satisfactory.

Aerotank tank:  Using activated sludge suspended with specific microorganisms for aerobic decomposition. The inlet air is enhanced by a high-powered blower through a system of air diffusers at the bottom of the tank. Here, organic substances harmful to the environment will be used by aerobic microorganisms as a food source to build their cells, the products of this process are mainly CO2 and microbial biomass.

Sedimentation tank:  Separation of activated sludge, collecting clear water after biological treatment. The amount of sludge generated is partly circulated to Aerobic, excess sludge is brought to the sludge compaction tank.

Pressure filter:  Ensure the clarity of the water after treatment.

Disinfection tank:  Contact with Chlorine to completely destroy Coliforms and other disease-causing germs, the treated water meets environmental standards and is discharged into the receiving source.

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