Phuong Dong washing wastewater treatment system

Investor: Phuong Dong Import-Export Production Joint Stock Company



Xuan Dao village, Xuan Duc commune, My Hao district, Hung Yen province

Wastewater type

Washing wastewater


2.000 m3/ day.night - Reuse 90%


Collection -> Sedimentation -> Equalization-> Coagulation -> Sedimentation 1 -> Aerobic -> Sedimentation 2 -> Disinfection -> Receiving source

Standard after treatment

QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT, column A

Completed time


Project explanation

Collection tank:   Collect all the wastewater on the channel leading to the treatment system.

Sand settling tank:  Sand settling tank to remove sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag from wastewater.

Equalization tank: Stabilize flow, contaminant concentration, pH. Preliminary ventilation to avoid anaerobic decomposition causing odors.

Coagulation tank to create flocculation: The coagulant added to the wastewater includes alum PAC and Polymer. Under the effect of this chemical and the slow speed agitator motor system, the tiny flocs from the reaction tank will move, collide, stick and form large flocs in the flocculation tank. many times higher than the initial residue, creating favorable conditions for the settling process in the settling tank.

Sedimentation tank 1: Wastewater from the flocculation tank is distributed into the water distribution area of ​​the clarifier. Water and floc move through the water distribution zone into the settling zone of the settling tank by gravity settling method.

The flocs have a larger volume than water, so they settle themselves in the sediment storage area of ​​the settling tank. Clean water is collected at the top of the serrated trough of the settling tank and flows into the aerobic. The physicochemically settled sludge is pumped to the sludge compression tank for treatment.

Aerobic tank:  Effective of pollutant treatment is high (98%) and stable, treatment efficiency does not change when pollutant load (COD) increases by 20% and flow changes by 10-15%; The ability to reduce Nitrogen and Phosphorus is up to 95% when operating according to specifications.

Sedimentation tank 2: Sedimentation tank is designed for the purpose of settling solids in the form of suspension and suspension, eliminating odors of wastewater in order to improve the settling efficiency of residues in wastewater.

Disinfection tank:   In contact with Chlorine to completely destroy Coliforms and other pathogenic bacteria, the treated water meets environmental standards and is discharged into the receiving source.

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Chúng tôi gửi lời cảm ơn chân thành đến tập thể ARES, đặc biệt là Anh Bùi Thanh Pháp đã tư vấn và cải tạo, nâng cấp hệ thống xử lý nước thải của Phương Đông mang hiệu quả và đóng góp cải thiện chất lượng môi trường khu vực. Một lần nữa, xin cảm ơn tập thể ARES!

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