Tac Cau Surimi processing wastewater treatment system

Investor: Tac Cau Seafood Joint Stock Company



Tac Cau fishing port area, Chau Thanh district, Kien Giang province

Wastewater type

Seafood wastewater


300 m3/ day.night


Collection -> Rotary drum static garbage collector -> Equalization tank 1 -> Equalization tank 2 -> Super shallow flotation device -> Storage -> Anaerobic reverse filtration -> Aerobic -> Sedimentation -> Disinfection

Standard after treatment

QCVN 11:2008, column B

Completed time


Project explanation

Equalization tank 1:   Collecting water after the fine garbage machine to distribute into the Equalization tank 2.

Equalization tank 2: Stable flow, flow, concentration of dirt, pH. Reducing the size and creating a stable working mode for the rear processing stages, avoiding overload, ensuring the system always operates stably.

Super-shallow flotation device:  Separation of fat dissolved in wastewater in two forms “suspension and suspended sediment” by the compressed air method DAF è 90% floats suspended particles to create surface scum. Recovering surface residues by degreaser è reduce the contaminant concentration eligible for the biological treatment stage.

Reservoir: Collecting water from the super-shallow flotation cluster and distributing it through the UAFB anaerobic tank.

UAFB Anaerobic Tank: Can handle wastewater with high pollution content, ensuring the input parameters for the rear aerobic biological treatment tank cluster to work efficiently and the output water quality is satisfactory.

Aerobic biological tank:  Using activated sludge suspended with specific microorganisms for aerobic decomposition. The air is enhanced by a large-capacity blower through the air diffusion disc systems at the bottom of the tank, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the wastewater in the Aerotank tank is always maintained in the range of 2-3 mg/l to ensure an adequate supply of oxygen for living organisms and the consumption of organic matter in wastewater.

Sedimentation tank:  Retain the amount of sludge generated during biological treatment stages. A large amount of sludge in the clarifier is removed from the bottom of the tank by a suction pump: part is pumped back to the Aerotank tank, the rest is put into the sludge tank. The efficiency of suspended sediment separation is 70-80%. Clear water flows through the trough to the disinfection tank.

Disinfection tank: In contact with Chlorine to completely destroy  Coliforms  and other pathogenic bacteria, the treated water meets environmental standards and is discharged into the receiving source.

Sludge tank: Contains sediment from flotation tank, residual sludge from UAFB and residual sludge from settling tank 2.

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