Wastewater treatment system at Hong Ha resort

Investor: Hong Ha Cam Ranh Co., Ltd



Cam Lam district, Khanh Hoa province

Wastewater type

Domestic wastewater


700 m3/ day.night


[(Restaurant wastewater -> Grease separation) + (Domestic wastewater -> Septic tank)] -> Equalization -> Anoxic -> MBBR -> Aerobic -> Sedimentation -> Disinfection -> Storage -> Receive source

Standard after treatment

QCVN 14:2008/BTNMT, column A

Completed time

Under construction

Project explanation

Conditioning tank: Stabilize flow, contaminant concentration, pH. Preliminary ventilation to avoid anaerobic decomposition causing odors.

Anoxic tank + MBBR + Aerobic:

– Alternate use of anaerobic and aerobic processes (slurry circulation) in the system, this allows the best treatment of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in the wastewater.

– The pollutant treatment efficiency is high (98%) and stable, the treatment efficiency does not change when the pollutant load (COD) increases by 20% and the flow changes by 10-15%; Ability to reduce Nitrogen and Phosphorus up to 95% when operating according to specifications; The treated water is supplied through the settling tank.

– The biological treatment process combined with MBBR media is a big step forward in wastewater technology. Metabolism and nitrification take place quickly thanks to the large concentration of microorganisms in the mobile substrate.

Sedimentation tank:  Separation of activated sludge, collecting clear water after biological treatment. The amount of sludge generated is partly circulated to Aerobic, excess sludge is brought to the sludge compaction tank.

Disinfection tank:  Contact with Chlorine to completely destroy  Coliforms and other disease-causing germs, the treated water meets discharge standards into the receiving source.

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Your environmental engineering services make us very satisfied. We want ARES to try to maintain the achievements and promote further to be able to satisfy all customers.

Mr Nguyen Minh QuangAssistant to the Chairman

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