ARES provides services

on consulting environmental solution

Consulting on environmental law, reuse and troubleshooting to optimize management, cost and efficiency

Consulting on Enviromemtal Procedure

ARES provides consulting and environmental licensing services (new/reissued/adjusted) for project owners, production and business establishments in all types under the approval authority such as the Human Resources Committee. District level People's Committee, Provincial People's Committee/ Department of Natural Resources & Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment.

Licensing types

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report / Environmental Protection Plan.
  • EIA completion report.
  • Periodic environmental monitoring reports.
  • Permit to discharge into water source.
  • Hazardous waste source owner book.
  • Other types of environmental permits.


  • The procedure is quick and complete.
  • Data support requires a license.
  • License approvals are consistent with implementation practices..
  • Support consulting related environmental papers.

Consulting on Reuse of wastewater

What is waste water reuse?

Wastewater reuse is treated wastewater that is reused for industrial production lines, fire protection systems, car washing or irrigation.

Reusing wastewater will contribute to diversifying water supply sources, reducing the burden on the water supply industry, and utilizing and saving water resources. Moreover, enterprises have more choices of water supply, savings, more closed production lines and reduced environmental pollution.

Consulting service

ARES provides consulting services, designing Reuse systems from domestic and production wastewater, treated water up to standards, local and national regulations on water supply depending on the purpose.

ARES is committed to the following benefits:

  • Reduce costs for clean water input.
  • Reduce discharge costs.
  • Limit unnecessary environmental violations.
  • Quick return on investment

Consulting on Troubleshooting works

What is a water treatment plant problem?

If the treatment technology is not selected or operated incorrectly, the water treatment works will be prone to problems with system failure, technology failure or equipment failure.

These incidents, if they occur frequently and are not promptly remedied, will reduce the life of the work or completely damage it, causing costly repairs and renovations and many legal risks.

Consulting service

ARES provides Troubleshooting services for water treatment works in cases of nutrition, biomass, odors, floating sludge, scum,… and many more.

ARES is committed to the following benefits:

  • Immediately handle the problem.
  • Efficient and stable operation manual.
  • Lifetime consulting companion.
  • Support incident response within 48 hours.

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