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The program “Meet and dialogue between young entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs” organized by the Board of Directors of the Provincial Youth Startup Support Center in collaboration with the Young Entrepreneurs Association of An Giang Province, aimed at orienting startups for 3 groups. Key audiences: rural youth, students, young entrepreneurs to develop appropriate support plans for the start-up process, well implement the program “Accompanying youth in starting a business and starting a business.” get rich righteous”.

Entrepreneurship is a topic that is receiving a lot of attention today, in the context that the country is making strong strides in the process of world integration, start-ups are expected to create growth and promote economic development. Start-up orientation is a necessary step for a successful startup.

At the meeting, Mr. Bui Thanh Phap – Director of ARES Environmental Solutions Joint Stock Company shared his experiences with business representatives about difficulties and challenges in the start-up process, which are: issues about: human resources, finance, opportunities.. In which, partners and employees at the start-up play a very important role, when looking for co-founders and associates, make sure that You know how to choose the right people. Partners must be people who complement each other’s skills and wholeheartedly build a start-up, and that requires a high sense of responsibility as well as passion in the work. If you want to grow your business to be successful, you need to find people who truly support every decision you make.

Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Youth Union, Director of the Youth Startup Support Center Phan Duy Bang shared: “Besides the results obtained in the past time of the An Giang startup community, there is still a section of young people. lack of proper understanding of entrepreneurship. 2020 is the year to attract many external investment resources to An Giang. This will be an opportunity for start-up ideas to be formed, to create many new projects and new businesses in potential fields. With the spirit of listening and sharing, hopefully the dialogue will create a close connection between the Young Entrepreneurs Association and the youth, young start-up businesses to support each other in the business process!”.

Many young people and Start-ups in the meeting dared to ask questions to entrepreneurs about obstacles and motivations on the way to start a business. At the training session, participants were aroused “the qualities of an entrepreneur” with the statement: successful entrepreneurs are those who think and do new or old things in a new way. Accordingly, the qualities entrepreneurs need are: self-control, perseverance, high energy, flexibility, confidence, influence, innovation, commitment to implementing ideas, looking to the future…

Start-up orientation is essential for startup ideas to be nurtured and developed.

ARES Environmental Solution JSC

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