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The application combines methods of installing venturi oxygen supply systems, using aquatic plants and using probiotics AquaCure Tabs, Pond Start in wastewater treatment in polluted canals in Chau Doc, An Giang.

Chau Doc – a famous tourist destination of An Giang province, especially Sam Mountain, where is located a population of about 200 pagodas, the most famous being Ba Chua Xu Temple.

However, not far away, at the foot of the mountain, there is a stream of polluted canals, garbage, black water and stench containing domestic wastewater of residential areas, affecting the lives and activities of people around. around. Our ARES Environmental Company has planned to renovate and handle to help bring healthy life to people as well as improve environmental problems in the area.

By combining methods of installing a venturi oxygen supply system, using aquatic plants to absorb nutrients and using AquaCure Tabs probiotics to treat bottom sludge – organic matter and Pond Start microorganisms to treat toxic gases. for application in the project. After a period of implementation, the project of revitalizing the black canal at Nui Sam, Chau Doc took place smoothly. This shows that the combination of AquaCure Tabs bottom sludge treatment probiotics, Pond Start Nitrogen treatment microorganisms and Venturi technology is an effective solution.

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Color difference between before and after treatment at Nui Sam ring channel

Methods of implementation:

First, clean the banks and dredge some accumulated bottom mud. Then, divide 3 channel segments to process with approximately equal length.

– Canal section 1: Contains concentrated wastewater, creating a floating aquatic plant that is capable of absorbing nitrogen in the water. Between the sections, there is a stone dam wall about 1m wide to serve as a substrate for microorganisms to attach to as well as to create a flow for wastewater.

– Channel segment 2: Empty drawer.

– Channel section 3: Install 2 pumps to circulate water from the end of the canal to the first section to recirculate microorganisms down to the end of the canal and combine with oxygen supply for wastewater by the venturi system.

Finally, use probiotics to treat AquaCure Tabs bottom sludge and Pond Start bacteria to reduce toxic gas.

Customers who need advice on using microorganisms for wastewater treatment or consulting on the construction of wastewater treatment works, please fill in the information below.


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