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We often whine and ask ourselves the question “What’s the limit for us?”. So what about the natural world?

1. The lament of WATER.
We often complain that I have exceeded my limit, I am tired, .. have reached the limit … but sometimes we forget that the things of nature are serving us. It also has its limits.
Soil also knows arid, thirsty alluvium, poor nutrients!
The water is immense, but how much is there really fresh water that can be used? But still standing before the cry of POLLUTION.
– Pollution due to industrial discharge!
– Pollution due to discharge of domestic water directly into the environment!
– Pollution due to residues of pesticides from agricultural cultivation….
All are making WATER wear down the body, degenerate, and become a serious danger of spreading disease.
Metal residues and bacteria in the water threaten the kidneys, liver, intestinal tract… and a series of stories that we used to ask ourselves:
“Why is it so easy to get sick these days, so many strange diseases?”
By whom, why… the answer must have appeared in everyone’s mind.

2. Is there a limit to WATER?
97% of the water on Earth is salt water, only 3% is fresh, but almost two-thirds of this water exists in the form of glaciers and ice caps at the poles.
The unfrozen remains are found mainly in the form of groundwater, and only a small percentage exist on the ground and in the air.
Fresh water is a renewable resource, yet the world supply of fresh and clean water is gradually decreasing. Water demand has outstripped supply in some parts of the world, while the world’s population continues to grow, leading to an increase in water demand.
In fact, WATER RESOURCES are gradually being “strangled” and sending a warning: WATER – WE ALSO HAVE OUR LIMITS?
– What do you think when SOLD WATER has to measure every liter, count each barrel?
– What do you think when you no longer have the freedom to fill the tub to relax?
– What do you think, there is no fresh water to massively enjoy bathing in this hot weather?

Is the story of saltwater intrusion and “thirst for fresh water” in the West a warning?

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