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The New Year of the Rat is coming very close to us, on this occasion ARES would like to wish you a peaceful, happy new year and reap much success in work and life!

Dear Sir/Madam,

With 16 years of accompanying businesses for the journey “Protecting the environment for sustainable development”, ARES has witnessed the efforts to contribute to the regeneration of the environment of many organizations, ARES is fortunate to have been awarded the contract. Working with entrepreneurs who choose environmental protection as a noble social responsibility that businesses must fulfill. On that inspiring journey, ARES itself is constantly developing and reinventing day by day to bring comprehensive solutions and advanced technology to provide customers & the community with waste treatment projects. most quantity. So, this spring, once again, we affirm that ARES is a team that always has the Aspiration to devote to environmental protection & the sustainable development of the business; Accept the job with the highest RESPONSIBILITY; Behave with Ethical values ​​in all situations; And do business by SERVING the society.

In the new year 2020, ARES continues to be consistent with the vision “Becoming a symbol of trust in the field of providing solutions and products for environmental protection”. ARES chooses to continuously improve – innovation is the vital mission, providing quality products, enforcing the warranty – maintenance policy with the highest love and responsibility. In the new year, ARES launches more events to spread the word and call on the community to take responsibility for protecting the environment towards a more civilized society. Because ARES believes that “In many ways, each person is capable of taking care and protecting this beautiful planet to be a practical inheritance to give to their children and grandchildren”.

These days are the time when we temporarily close a busy cycle and start a new cycle with new goals. ARES believes that in the list of goals of all businesses, the goal of environmental protection for sustainable development is present. ARES and dedicated organizations & entrepreneurs are sounding the alarm because of the disaster of floods, droughts, wildfires, melting arctic ice, many big storms, many forests being destroyed, resources are exploited and exhausted by humans… all of these are destroying the motherland, taking the lives of thousands of people and creatures. Environmental protection is not one’s own task but the urge of the times, an urgent problem of the modern world. ARES wishes each of us to listen to nature with the awakening power that each of us possesses. Pray that the earth is always green, the world is peaceful and everyone is happy – in harmony.

Those are also the words of enthusiasm that ARES wishes to send to you on the occasion of Tet to Spring. Welcoming 2020 is also welcoming a new decade, a new journey is opening with many challenges and breakthrough opportunities, ARES wishes you always firmly on the journey to conquer further goals, bring happiness to individuals, success to businesses and benefits to the community.

ARES is grateful for your companionship.

Best regards

BUI THANH PHAP – Chairman of ARES Environmental Solution JSC

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