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Leaders of ARES

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Mr. Bui Thanh Phap

Xuất thân từ một Cử nhân công nghệ sinh học, nhưng được truyền cảm hứng từ người thầy kính mến tôi đã chọn nghề “xử lý nước thải” và gắn bó với nghề hơn 20 năm.

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Mr. Nguyen Van Tinh
Vice Director

Xuất thân từ cử nhân ngành Kinh Tế Tài Nguyên & Môi Trường. Tôi đã giúp đỡ hơn 300 khách hàng của mình phát triển công việc kinh doanh của họ một cách bền vững.

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Mr. Trương Thanh Sửa
Assistant Director

Những năm tháng làm công việc gắn liền với xử lý nước thải, bảo vệ môi sinh, đồng hành phát triển bền vững với các doanh nghiệp, tôi càng nhận ra ý nghĩa của công việc này.

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Mr. Cao Sơn Đại Hải
Assistant Vice Director

Tôi luôn ghi nhớ câu nói của John Muir “Trong mỗi bước đi cùng với thiên nhiên, chúng ta nhận được nhiều hơn những gì ta tìm kiếm”.


We become a trust symbol in the field of providing solutions and products to protect the ecological environment in Vietnam.


We contribute to the protection of the ecological environment and the sustainable development of businesses in Vietnam through the practice and spread of ethical, responsible and awakening lifestyles. We provide the best products and works to protect the ecological environment with love and the highest responsibility.

Kernel thoughts of ARES




ARES will preserve and uphold the core values



We have the desire to contribute to the protection of the ecological environment and the sustainable development of businesses.


We are always aware of our duties and always strive to fulfill our obligations; We accept failure and always take our responsibility; We are responsible to the family, organization and community.


We are the ones who practise the awakening lifestyle in every moment to keep the thought, conduct kindly and lovingly.


We choose the way to succeed with others and serve the benefit of the community. We do business by serving the society and the community.





  1. We think to solve problems with the will of "doing business by serving the society".
  2. We deal with relationships with a heart of love, morality, responsibility, and thoughtful
  3. We call on everyone to connect and take responsibility to protect the ecological environment by joining hands.
  4. We understand thoroughly that continual improvement of technology and technological innovation is a vital task.
  5. We commit to provide quality products, flexible policies, accompany and take care of our customers with high responsibility.
  6. We care about the ability to self-study and train our team from knowledge, experience to attitude, lifestyle to develop the inheritable







We are proud to be a business with the reputable brand in the field of providing environmental protection solutions. We have a team of experienced experts in consulting, designing, executing & transferring environmental protection technology. We are interested in training a team of environmental experts to apply and develop new technologies, new materials, and new equipment. We are ready to respond the request of customers quickly through flexible cooperation methods with reasonable prices and dedicated warranty.

We commit to be the business that works for the benefit of the community, connect individuals, businesses & organizations with volunteerism and commitment for protecting the environment. We claim to be one of the leading busineses in the field of providing the best wastewater treatment solutions in Vietnam. We have the desire to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnamese Businesses.

We believe that "In many ways, each person can afford to take care of and protect this beautiful planet to be a real heritage given to the descendants". This belief has enabled us to connect & serve domestic & multinational corporations. With a kind attitude, always taking responsibility for ourselves and dedication, we wish to continue to accompany many customers & partners on the path of creating a safe environment for the community towards a civilized and beautiful life.

Formation history

  • 2019 - Develop to nation-wide network
  • 2016 - Widen to the Northern branch
  • 2006 - Widen members up to 100+
  • 2005 - The pioneer of environmental field in the Mekong Delta
  • 2003 - Company Establishment


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