Consulting and Establishing environmental procedures

    ARESEN with 15 years of consulting environmental treatment solutions, we have professional consulting services in the preparation of environmental legal procedures. Support the businesses with environmental procedures in the construction of new factories, hotels, incinerators, bridges and roads, river banks ... and long-term contracts with your company in the implementation of the periodic observation report, registration of waste source owner book, discharge scheme, ...

    In order to accompany and help businesses complete the legal system of environmental procedures, Aresen recounted the environmental procedures that need to be carried out before going into operation and after going into operation as the following:

1. The production, business and service establishments have not come into operation:

✎ Pursuant to Law on Environmental Protection No. 55/2014 / QH13 June 23, 2014.

✎ Pursuant to Decree 18/2015 / ND-CP February 14, 2015.

✎ Pursuant to Circular 27/2015 / TT-BTNMT May 29, 2015.

Before going on to the project instruction, enterprises depending on the scale and industry will make the initial environmental documents as follows:

✎ Environmental impact assessment report.

Environmental protection plan.

2. The production, business and service establishments have come into operation:

    Environmental impact assessment / Environmental protection commitment / Environmental protection plan / Registration of environmental standards / Environmental protection scheme. To the production, business and service establishments, when they have been put into operation, they have implemented the initial environmental dossiers depending on the actual conditions, which are necessary or unnecessary to continue the following dossiers:

✎ Report the results of implementing environmental protection works for the operation phase (Complete report).

Waste source master book.

Prepare environmental monitoring report.

Ask for a license to exploit groundwater.

Apply for a permit to exploit surface water.



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