Design, Construct water treatment works

    ARES Environment Solution Joint Stock Company with 15 years of experience working in the environment industry, along with a personnel team whose members constantly learn, always explore and improve technology. Updating technology to suit the latest Environmental Regulations, we always want to give our customers the best quality work.

    Currently, businesses are having a headache for making decisions to choose the most suitable and economical wastewater treatment technology solution. Investing in a wastewater treatment system must cost billions of VND, without mentioning operating costs to maintain a stable operation of the system. Therefore, if choosing an inappropriate technology solution will lead to serious losses that we do not seem to think of at the first moment such as:

➥ Spend hundreds of millions more, even billions for renovating and repairing technological solutions to ensure the quality of water after being treated.

➥ Regularly inspected by the authorities, affecting to the production process.

Polluting the community's living environment, which results in the impact to our health.

    Instead, unwanted costs and psychological worries are spent in the selection process until operation. Why don’t we consider and thoroughly understand the best technological solutions before investing or improving a processing system to get rid of those concerns right now?

    With the current technological advances, there are many technological solutions for you to learn and choose, but?

What is the most optimal solution as you desire with today's advanced technologies?

➥ What is a technology solution that brings added value to such your investments such as: reuse of water after treatment, recovery of costs from waste sources, ...

Does the selected technology solution work stably and achieve discharge standards?

    With more than 15 years of experience in the industry and hundreds of processing projects that we have done over the years, it has been successful and inevitably failed to gain such precious experiences. With a personnel team who are always learning, researching and applying modern technologies, we believe that it will help you get rid of that worry!

    We provide the following environmental treatment facilities:

► Prepare technical and economic reports for waste water treatment systems and waste incinerators.

► Prepare construction design documents for waste water and feed water treatment systems.

► Execute – install wastewater treatment facilities: aquatic waste water, medical waste water, domestic waste water, ...

► Execute – install water treatment facilities.

► Execute- install pure drinking water treatment system and bottled drinking water.

► Execute - install medical waste incinerators and household waste incinerators.

► Improve - upgrade waste water treatment systems.

► Consult the maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities.



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