Mr. Bui Thanh Phap - Chairman

Graduated with the degree of Biotechnology Bachelor which I was inspired to pursue by a dear teacher of mine. I started off my career in “wastewater treatment” which I developed a strong attachment to that lasted over 20 years. I am so proud that my human resources and I have had numerous projects where we built constructions that contributed to protecting the ecological environment and the corporate development of many companies in Viet Nam. I am fully mindful of Mahatma Gandhi’s words “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. By living ethically and, being responsible for environmental protection, my team and I are spreading these values to the community to protect and take care of our beautiful planet together as gifts for our next generations.

Ares's business strategy is one involving serving the community, as well as serving customers and partners as best as we can. Therefore, for ARES, taking responsibility, being kind, conscientious services, and compassion are venerated values. I am honored to say that everyone in ARES always dedicates themselves to the development of the firm, advocating for protecting the environment, and lighting the flame of love to connect people to safeguard our green planet together. The earth is not ours. We are borrowing it from the next generation.

With love and gratitude, please share this message with everyone!

 Bui Thanh Phap - Chairman



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