Suppy equipment and Chemical industry environment

    ARESEN provides the equipment line, machinery, materials and environmental chemicals for water treatment systems, waste water treatment systems, ... And the deodorant product lines for landfills and odor areas which are necessary to be treated.

1. Supplying environmental equipment:

Equipment for garbage separation of static and rotary drum.

▶ Centrifugal separation equipment.

▶  Disolved Air Flotation device.

▶ Double belt sludge dewatering machine.

▶ Frame mud pressing machine.

▶ Screw mud pressing machine.

▶ Pig feces pressing machine.

▶ Ozone machine.

▶ Sewage submersible pumps, mud pumps, well pumps, ...

▶ Horizontal centrifugal pumps, removable- shaft centrifugal pump, ...

▶ Dosing pumps.

▶ Air blowers.

2. Supplying environmental materials:

▶ Fixed bio- substrate (honeycomb substrate).

▶ Mobile bio- substrate MBBR.

▶ Mobile bio- substrate Biochip.

▶ Fiber bio-substrate.

▶ Air separation ball.

▶ Gas distribution plate, gas distribution pipe.

▶ MBR filter film.

▶ Activated carbon.

▶ Quartz sand, filtered gravel.

3. Supplying microorganisms for environmental treatment:

▶ Aerobic microorganisms, anaerobic microorganisms and anoxic microorganisms.

▶ Deodorizing biological products.

▶ Probiotics and molasses adding nutrients to biological tanks.

▶ Bioactive mud.

4. Supplying environmental chemicals:

▶ PAC chemicals.

▶ Polymer cationic chemicals.

▶ Polymer anion chemical.

▶ Chlorine chemicals.

▶ NaOH chemicals.

▶ Javel chemicals.

▶ Plastic beads exchanging ion.

▶ Iron removal particles.



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