Dai Dai Thanh Seafood Wastewater Treatment System

Investor: Dai Dai Thanh Seafood Co., Ltd



My Tho, Tien Giang Province

Wastewater type

Seafood wastewater


700 m3/ day.night


Collection -> Equalization-> DAF -> ANAES -> Prefiltration -> Disinfection -> Receiving Source

Standard after treatment

QCVN 11:2008/BTNMT, column A

Completed time


Project explanation

Collection tank:   Collect all the wastewater on the channel leading to the treatment system.

Equalization tank:   Stabilize flow, pollutant concentration, pH. Preliminary ventilation to avoid anaerobic decomposition causing odors.

DAF flotation tank:  Separation of fat mixed in wastewater in two forms of “suspension and suspended sediment” by the DAF pneumatic method to float suspended particles to create surface grease. Surface degreasing by a degreaser reduces the contaminant concentration eligible for the biological treatment stage.

ANAES tank cluster:  Wastewater after flotation is put into Anaes biological treatment tank cluster.

This is a system of 3 tanks, these tanks are connected by an opening between the tank walls. Two tanks 1 and 3 simultaneously perform 2 functions: both a biological reaction tank and a settling tank. Wastewater is put into each tank depending on the cycle.

Coarse filter device:   The water after passing through the Anaes tank cluster has many components such as: eggs, suspended sediment. Therefore, the water needs to go through the coarse filter to remove these suspended substances, making the water clear and meeting the discharge standards.

Disinfection tank: Contact with Chlorine to completely destroy Coliforms  and other disease-causing germs, the treated water meets environmental standards and is discharged into the receiving source.

Project images

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