ARES is proud to contribute to the development of the environment

ARES team serves businesses & communities with comprehensive environmental solutions

18-year journey of contributing

to environmental development

After 18 years of operation, ARES has more than 200 loyal customers, more than 300 completed projects and 20 domestic and foreign partners.

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The world is extremely sensitive to environmental pollution & climate change


We have a dream. One day, ARES will be present in Vietnam as a symbol of faith & pioneer in the field of wastewater treatment, then reaching out to Southeast Asia.


Inspiring ecological and environmental protection, creating a truly happy society

Core values

We always believe that each individual can contribute to the protection of the environment by living a mindful lifestyle – that is, always being aware of reality, taking responsibility, keeping a culture of ethical behavior, committed to serving the society.


Desire to mature consciousness.
Desire to live a worthy life.
Desire to protect the ecology and environment.


Responsibility for self-understanding, self-responsibility.
Responsibility for the results, admit your fault first.
Responsibility for the society: increase positive impacts and minimize negative activities on society.


Rich in compassion: desire to alleviate the suffering of others.
Honor good people, good deeds.
Business ethics: compliance with regulations and standards that guide behavior in business.


Succeed with companions.
Committed to passion and ideals, independent of outsiders.
Doing business by serving society.

Business Rules

Board of Management

The leadership team and ARES experts are Masters, Engineers in Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, etc., who graduated from leading prestigious universities and have 5-20 years of experience

At ARES, core values helped me find myself after many ponderings. ARES, with the mission of spreading the sense of responsibility for environmental protection to individuals and businesses, brings various worthy values to the community, I believe that is the foundation of sustainable development.

Ms Nguyen Do Ngoc HienDesign & Quoting Staff

I always do my best for sustainable values, things that are useful to the current community & future generations. With the goal of becoming an expert in the field of wastewater treatment, I believe that with what I am practicing & spreading at ARES, I will soon achieve my dream.

Mr Le Huu TriHead of Design & Quoting

The environment is where we meet, where everyone benefits, something we all share. At ARES, I am able to spread my energy and responsibility to the community by appreciating natural resources and living environment as a precious heritage.

Mr Huynh Thanh HaiSale Manager

The environment can continue living without us, but we cannot exist without it. ARES is proud to be a pioneer enterprise in the field of environment. Protecting the environment is protecting our lives.

Ms Mai Thi Yen NhiDeputy Manager of Environmental Consulting