Duc Duy washing wastewater treatment system

Investor: Duc Duy Production and Trading Co., Ltd.



Quoc Dong industrial cluster, Quat Dong commune, Thuong Tin district, City. Hanoi.

Wastewater type

Washing wastewater


700 m3/ day.night


Collection → Equalization → Coagulation → Physical and chemical deposition → Aerobic + MBBR → Biodeposition → Disinfection → Reusable filter cluster → Receiving source meets QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT, Column A.

Standard after treatment

QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT, column A

Completed time


Project explanation

Collection tank:  Wastewater flows through the screen to the collection tank for preliminary settling, retaining impurities heavier than water. It is then pumped to the centrifugal separator to remove residual solids, protect the equipment and reduce the pollutant load of the water before entering the biological treatment system.

Equalization tank:  Wastewater is stabilized at the flow and concentration of the inlet to the treatment station, overcoming problems arising from fluctuations in flow, improving treatment efficiency for the next stages.

Coagulation + physicochemical deposition:  Under the action of chemicals and slow stirring motor, the sticky residue forms flocs with a size and volume many times larger than the original, which is convenient for the process. settle.

Aerobic + MBBR tanks:  The cluster of tanks combines anoxic and mixed aerobic to help reduce BOD, nitrification, phosphorus reduction, NH4+ and NO3- to N2. The biological treatment process combined with MBBR media is a big step forward in wastewater engineering:

(1) High density of treated microorganisms per unit volume allows the treatment of wastewater with high organic loads;

(2) Specific types of microorganisms to help increase treatment efficiency;

(3) Saving construction area;

(4) Easy to operate.

Biological settling tank:  Selling solids in suspension and suspension and eliminating odors from wastewater.

Disinfection tank:  The final stage is disinfection in the tank exposed to Chlorine to completely destroy Coliforms and other disease-causing germs.

Reusable filter cluster:  Wastewater is pumped to the pressure filter device to remove the remaining suspended residue that the sedimentation process cannot settle through the filter media layers.

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Customer testimonial

Worked with many environmental companies. But with ARES, I feel very satisfied, like your professional and enthusiastic style. The wastewater treatment system runs very stably at a reasonable cost. Wish the ARES more and more development!

Mr Vu Ngoc SonCEO

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