Concentrated domestic wastewater treatment system in Nui Sam

Investor: Management board of Nui Sam temple



Chau Doc City, An Giang province

Wastewater type

Domestic wastewater


? m3/ day.night


Wastewater -> Collection -> Sedimentation pond + Custom -> Oxidation ditch -> Sedimentation -> Finishing lake -> Receiving source

Standard after treatment

QCVN 14:2008/BTNMT, column B

Completed time


Project explanation

Collection tank:   Collect all the wastewater on the channel leading to the treatment system.

Reservoir + optional:

– Remove BOD.

– Convert matter from dissolved material form to deposited matter such as bottom sludge.

– Dissolve some other forms of organic matter.

– Promotes the biodegradation of organic matter.

– Contains insoluble and non-degradable matter such as bottom sludge.

– Allows partial treatment of the flow through.

Oxidation ditch: Wastewater is led into the raceway through the working zone of the gas distribution disc at the bottom of the raceway and they are evenly mixed with the activated sludge. Part of the sludge settles at the end of the ditch, the pump will pump the circulation back to the top of the ditch.

Sedimentation tank:  Separation of activated sludge, collecting clear water after biological treatment. The amount of sludge generated is partly circulated to Aerobic, excess sludge is brought to the sludge compaction tank.

Finishing Pond: Stabilizing tank is designed to balance out fluctuations in treatment and at the same time allow the pathogen to die satisfactorily.

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