Nha Trang Seafood processing wastewater treatment system

Investor: Nha Trang Seafood Joint Stock Company



Thot Not Industrial Park, Thot Not District, Can Tho City.

Wastewater type

Catfish fillet wastewater


2.000m3/ day.night


Drainage, garbage screen -> Collection -> Equalization tank -> DAF -> Unitank -> Pressure filter -> Disinfection -> Receiving source

Standard after treatment

QCVN 11:2008, column A

Completed time


Project explanation

Garbage screen:  Recover shredded meat, head, fish bones present in the inlet stream.

Collection tank:   Collect all the wastewater on the channel leading to the treatment system.

Conditioning tank: Stabilize flow, contaminant concentration, pH. Preliminary ventilation to avoid anaerobic decomposition causing odors.

Pressure flotation tank:  Separation of grease mixed in wastewater in two forms of “suspension and suspended sediment” by the DAF pneumatic method to float suspended particles to create surface grease. Recovering of surface grease with a degreaser reduces the contaminant concentration eligible for the biological treatment stage

Unitank biological tank cluster: The most basic advantage of Unitank technology is that it is very flexible, creating aerobic / anaerobic / anaerobic conditions in the same cycle.

This allows the best treatment of nitrogen and phosphorus in the wastewater. Unitank tank system operates in each cycle, in which each planing cycle includes 2 main stages and 2 intermediate stages. Depending on the wastewater quality, Unitank technology has the ability to dynamically adjust the operating time between phases in a cycle (blowing, stirring, settling). This allows to minimize energy costs during the treatment process without affecting the quality of the output water.

Pressure filter:  Ensure the clarity of the water after treatment.

Disinfection tank:  Contact with Chlorine to completely destroy Coliforms and other disease-causing germs, the treated water meets environmental standards and is discharged into the receiving source.

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