Wastewater treatment system of medical center in Chau Phu district

Investor: Chau Phu District Medical Center



Chau Phu district, An Giang province

Wastewater type

Medical wastewater


80 m3/ day.night


Garbage screen -> Collection -> Equalization tank -> Aerotank -> Sedimentation -> Disinfection -> Storage -> Pressure filtration -> Receiving source

Standard after treatment

QCVN 28-2010/BTNMT

Completed time


Project explanation

Domestic wastewater from toilets, canteens, etc., is preliminarily treated by septic tanks according to the sewer system to be collected together with medical wastewater (generated during medical examination and treatment) and concentrated in the sump. arrange screens to separate large-sized compounds in order to avoid clogging of pumps in the following works.

After that, the wastewater is pumped by 02 submersible pumps into the conditioning tank for the purpose of regulating the flow and concentration of wastewater, helping the rear treatment works to be stable and effective. Next, the wastewater is pumped into the Aeroten biological tank, where the air is evenly distributed throughout the tank thanks to the gas distribution discs installed on the bottom of the tank, providing oxygen for aerobic microorganisms to decompose organic matter. into final products of CO2 and H2O, reducing the concentration of contaminants in wastewater.

After biological treatment, the wastewater overflows into the settling tank to settle the sludge in the wastewater. In the settling tank, water moves into the distribution pipe located along the width of the tank, in order to reduce the velocity of the water when entering the tank.

The flocs (slurry) settle to the bottom of the tank with a pyramidal structure to collect the sediments. The settled sludge is partially recirculated to the Aeroten Biological Tank, the residual sludge is pumped into the Sludge Tank, then transferred to the functional units for further treatment.

Wastewater from the settling tank will continue to overflow to the Disinfection Tank, where the wastewater is filled with a disinfectant chemical called Chlorine. Chlorine solution is pumped into the waste water pipe into the Tank by the chemical metering pump. Oxidation of pathogenic microorganisms in wastewater occurs in the tank. Chlorine is a powerful oxidant that will oxidize the cell membranes of pathogenic microorganisms and kill them.

The contact time to remove microorganisms is about 20-40 minutes. After that, the wastewater automatically flows into the storage tank to be pumped into the pressure filter tank to remove the suspended dirt, the remains of microorganisms after the sterilization process, ensuring that the treated wastewater meets the previous standards. when discharged into the receiving source.

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