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Through numbers and academic studies, we will understand that we not only need to double, triple, but even 5 times more effort to avoid the consequences of climate change. Queen. To do that requires cooperation and linkages between industries, sectors, stakeholders and leaders.

The world has never seen a challenge like this since World War II. And the reality is that we must mobilize the whole world to meet this challenge.
The individual effort of each person is important, but it is still latent and has only a very small impact compared to the decarbonization process we have to deal with. Coordination will be the key to solving the problem.

Adelie penguins stand atop a melting ice block on a rocky shoreline at Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay, East Antarctica. (Photo by Pauline Askin/Reuters)

Mr. Robert Moritz, president of PwC audit shared during NYC Climate Change Week that the efforts of financial institutions are one of the key factors. “Let’s bring the multinational banks together, let’s really get the government institutions to do this, let’s bring the business community together here… The faster you can pull those pieces together, the easier it will be.”

The efforts of organizations, individuals and government organizations around the world will bring a brighter future in the fight against global climate change.

Optimistic that coordination will be the key to solving the problems ahead, the PwC representative also emphasized, from the concrete actions taking place around the world, the “pieces of the puzzle” are being reconnected with the together. The global interaction of companies, governments, NGOs and the like offers hope for a brighter future when climate change is reversed.

ARES Environmental Solutions Joint Stock Company
Source: Economic & Environmental Newspaper

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