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Solid-liquid separation equipment applies the most advanced sealing membrane technology of Toyo Screen – Japan.

The solid-liquid mixture will be spilled on the surface of the diaphragm at a certain angle, the solid will be kept outside while the water (Liquid) will flow inside the membrane. The solids will build up, accretion more and more and will slide down and fall out of the diaphragm. The special profile of the wedge wire causes the diaphragm opening to be widened for good drainage while creating a self-backwashing effect that reduces clogging and fouling on the diaphragm surface.


      1. Equipment structure is simple, easy to operate;

      2. The device is easy to maintain, clean the filter by backwashing;

      3. No energy costs to operate equipment;

      4. High rate of recovery of waste by-products in wastewater;

      5. Stainless material has high durability;

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      1. Advice on the type of product that is suitable for the needs of the customer.

      2. Try the product within 30 days (from the date of handover).

      3. Full service: from consulting, delivery, installation, to operating instructions.

      4. Warranty service, proactive maintenance: 12 month warranty, 12 month maintenance.

      5. Consulting solutions for handling / finding a unit to purchase the recovered by-products and separated waste products.

Ultra TN Screen solid-liquid separator belongs to Toyo Screen’s line of equipment manufactured in Japan by Toyo Screen Kogyo Co.,Ltd, has a record of selling more than 30,000 products in many industries worldwide.

The device is exclusively distributed by Uchimura Vietnam Co., Ltd in Vietnam, and ARES Environmental Solutions Joint Stock Company is the official distributor of Toyo Screen – Japan solid-liquid separator in Vietnam.

ARES Environmental Solution JSC

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