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Currently, when water pollution is at an alarming state, water sources are contaminated with toxic substances, causing many dangerous diseases for humans. That is why the system used to filter water, pure water is being used by many organizations and individuals to filter water, produce bottled water, and bottled water to supply the needs of clean water. citizen.

So let’s learn more about RO water purification system with ARES Environment

1. RO Filtered Water Quality

This water filtration system will solve all your business needs. Specifically:

  • Providing pure, quality water by applying advanced filtration technology to remove harmful residues that negatively affect health, retaining beneficial minerals.
  • Helps to save maximum time and cost of buying bottled water, bottled water.
  • Helping the source of clean, pure water to help prevent the risk of intestinal diseases, skin inflammation, even dangerous diseases such as cancer …

2. About capacity of RO water purification system

Depending on the needs of use and the nature of the water source, choose an industrial water filtration system with different capacities from 150, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 5000 liters/hour and other types of water. more capacity. The industrial water purifier system includes the following basic systems:

  • Coarse filter system
  • RO pure water filtration system
  • Equipment for fine filtration, sterilization, disinfection
  • Bottle filling and sealing system

3. Who should buy RO water filtration system?

RO water purification system can be used for all objects, in many different areas. Depending on the object of use, choose an industrial pure water filtration system accordingly.

  • Capacity from 300 – 900 liters / hour: Schools, hospitals, offices, small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Capacity from 900 – 2500 liters / hour: Used for businesses that want to invest in industrial water purifier systems in factories and enterprises with a high number of employees (medium-sized).
  • Capacity from 3000-5000 liters/hour: Suitable in industrial parks, factories, large-scale production workshops

4. Aesthetics

The system is delicately designed and installed and creates a beautiful aesthetic not only from the appearance but also from the internal quality of the system.

RO Kim Binh 2

5. Convenience and sustainable stability

The RO water purification system operates automatically with simple operation, economically effective, and saves operating costs. The system always operates stably and efficiently, ensuring sufficient water supply for the plant.

Please find out before you decide to buy a good quality water purifier system to serve your daily life or production activities. Hopefully with the above information, you will have more basic information to choose a good water filtration system with a guaranteed policy.

Please contact ARES Environment if you want to know more about the RO water filtration system:  0909 939 108 or REGISTER CONSULTATION.

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