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The washing, grinding and industrial washing industry is one of the key industries of Vietnam, the industry with the second largest export turnover with export value contributing 10-15% to GDP, and Vietnam is one of the 10 countries. largest textile exporter in the world. With that development are the environmental impacts from the fiber manufacturing process at several different stages consumption of water, energy, and chemicals produces a variety of wastes, including gases, liquid and solid form.

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Wastewater from washing, grinding and industrial washing is also in the top of the arising industries in terms of generated volume and toxic pollution content. ARES Environment with breakthrough treatment technology in decolorization, sludge treatment and reuse of treated water, the works of  ARES Environment design, construction and operation always meet the standards QCVN 13-MT:2015 /BTNMT or QCVN 40:2011/BTNM. For many years,  ARES ENVIRONMENT  has been trusted by many large and small businesses and companies in the laundry industry to contact wastewater treatment.

The wastewater treatment solutions for grinding and industrial washing of  ARES Environment  always set the top criteria:

  • Automation technology.
  • System design synchronous and aesthetic.
  • Save investment costs, and reduce risks.
  • Support legal advice to complete the responsibility of the procedure.
  • A team of engineers with in-depth knowledge, experience and professional service attitude.

Businesses wishing to find advice on wastewater treatment, please fill in the information   REGISTER FOR FREE CONSULTATION   or   CONTACT HOTLINE: 0909 939 108.

With his knowledge and many years of experience. ARES Environment is ready to help you in inspecting, evaluating, consulting and guiding the repair, operation, installation, construction and maintenance of wastewater treatment systems. As well as  ARES Environment , consultation and guidance on environmental procedures and records are completely free.

ARES Environmental Solution JSC

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