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Inventing straws from rice flour of more than 100 years old craft village

By August 26, 2021No Comments

In Sa Dec (Dong Thap) there is a flour village over a hundred years old. Availability of abundant rice resources accreted by alluvium in the Mekong Delta, Sa Dec farmers have devised a way to make flour from rice, thereby creating countless kinds of vermicelli, pho, bread yarn made from rice flour. Many generations of families here have spent countless generations working in the flour industry, making Sa Dec flour a famous specialty throughout the country.


Not only delicious flour creates cakes, vermicelli, smooth and fragrant noodles. Recently, a food company specializing in the production of flour products has invented a straw made from rice flour. The manufacturer said that because it is made from rice flour, this type of straw can be eaten (but should not be used too much during the day). In particular, it also has purple-blue color like regular straws, but this rice flour straw is dyed from completely natural materials such as amaranth leaves, beets, black sesame …


Even if you don’t eat this straw, its life is very short, can easily decompose in just a few months compared to the terrible 500-year life of plastic straws.

Currently, plastic straws have been introduced to countries such as Japan, Korea and even the European region. So, surely we can expect that one day soon, this eco-friendly straw with bold Vietnamese identity will become popular, right?

In fact, the idea of “edible straws” is not new either. There have been many foreign companies producing edible straws like Loliware, with straws made from seaweed and agar powders and flavorings. However, rice flour straws are still a “pure Vietnamese” product and have a strong national identity. This is something to be proud of when traditional craft villages like Bot Sa Dec village also contribute to saving the environment by applying their expertise, instead of just continuing to make traditional products.

Edible straws are a “trend” of many countries around the world with straws made from seaweed, flour…

This will be a great alternative to plastic straws, when many people have not yet given up the habit of using it once and then giving it up.

Plastic straws with a primitive age of 500 years will be harmful to the environment and human health

Perhaps we can hope that in the not too distant future, rice flour straws will gradually replace plastic straws in shops around the country, right? In fact, we young people have more power than we think, with the culture of drinking coffee and milk tea regularly, if we express our desire to use environmentally friendly straws, water companies will everyone will have to obey “God”. So please pay attention to support rice flour straws as well as other environmentally friendly straws!

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