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Let’s protect the environment from today

By August 26, 2021No Comments

Besides reducing the use of plastic, we can do a lot of practical actions for the environment. The planet-friendly lifestyle is not inconvenient if we are determined to thoroughly practice measures to keep the environment green.

1. Walk, bike or take public transport

Walking and cycling are obvious ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If you can’t walk, use public transport when possible, it will help you increase your walking time each day, and save money.
Living in an information technology age is an advantage for you to do this best. Social networking platforms with rich, diverse and free information sources can help you spread this information as quickly as possible. Let’s mobilize friends and relatives to contribute to this, because according to the crowd effect, we often tend to imitate what the people around us say/do. Besides sharing information, take photos, create challenges for friends and relatives to spread positive messages as much as possible.

2. Plant a tree
A young tree can absorb 5kg of CO2 per year. After 10 years, this mature young tree can absorb 21kg of CO2 per year. Trees also help remove all other harmful gases from the air, including SO2, NO and fine dust particles. The best time to plant a tree is today, today’s work is tomorrow’s fruit. If you can’t grow trees, join or support tree-planting movements and projects, just like that, you’re contributing to environmental protection.

3. Supporting sustainable brands
Give up the habit of consuming fast fashion products, and switch to brands that use sustainable materials. Limit consumption of food service companies using plastic. Look for suppliers that do not use hazardous chemicals, limit waste production, and adopt clean agricultural practices. Shop for savings, recycle or donate unused items and clothes to charities.

4. Saving water
The little things can make a big difference. A leaky faucet also lost 340 liters of clean water per day. Besides, stop drinking bottled water, switch to drinking filtered or boiled water, you have saved a lot of money and helped reduce tons of plastic waste.

5. Eating must also be sustainable
Today, large-scale food production accounts for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions. Choose food from smallholder farmers to conserve natural resources and have as little impact on the land as possible. Change to a diet high in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and nuts, and low in red meat and processed foods. If you have a small garden or a terrace available, you can also grow your own if you invest the effort and the right plants.

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