Wastewater treatment system for Sam mountain canal

Investor: Chau Doc City Investment & Construction Project Management Board



Sam Mountain Ward, Chau Doc City, An Giang Province

Wastewater type

Domestic wastewater


N/A m3/ day.night


Aquatic plant compartment -> Microbiological treatment compartment -> Circulating water tank

Standard after treatment


Completed time


Project explanation

Aquatic plant compartment (Compartment 1): Use aquatic plants (including: water bamboo, banana flower, clams, hyacinth, … or other aquatic plants) capable of treating aquatic plants. wastewater treatment to absorb pollutants in this wastewater source.

Advantages: Stable processing efficiency; processing investment costs are not high; simple processing; easy to operate and low operating costs; the root system of aquatic plants is also a source of media for microbiological treatment; Wastewater at the end of this compartment will automatically flow through the microbiological treatment compartment.

Microbiological treatment compartment (Compartment 2): This is the main reaction compartment of microorganisms in wastewater. Microorganisms used to treat pollutants typical of domestic wastewater (In use: Aquacure Tab and Ponds Star) are added to the system to treat nitrogen and sludge at the bottom of the canal.

Circulating water tank (Compartment 3): The water circulation pump will suck water from the circulating water tank to recirculate to the aquatic plant compartment for the purposes of: Increasing the retention time of water in the canal; minimize the amount of microorganisms being washed out by the water flow out of the canal.

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